Welcome to the Solarize East Bay Official site

  Solarize East Bay photo

Sign up here to go solar through our community bulk deal. Save extra money. Make the process quick and easy by delegating the legwork of selecting a contractor to our independent contractor selection committee. No commitment implied by signing up. If you can’t afford to purchase outright, there will be other options which can provide monthly savings immediately, provided your average monthly electricity bill is around $100 or more. If you purchase outright, your installation will likely cost between $9,000 and $15,000. Savings on electricity from purchasing outright are typically several thousand dollars over the lifespan of the system. A more precise estimate of your savings can be made by the selected contractor based on the specifics of your roof, electricity use and the size of the system you would get, before you decide whether to go solar. 

The Solarize model of community bulk purchasing of residential solar PV systems was pioneered in Portland, OR in 2009. Since then, communities around the country have taken notice of the Solarize model’s success, and adopted Solarize programs of their own. This model helps facilitate the spread of the transition to solar energy by making the process of going solar easier and the savings from doing so larger and therefore more difficult to pass up. The Costco-style bulk discounts Solarize projects have been able to get typically amount to thousands of dollars in savings per home on top of the standard savings that can come from going solar without a bulk discount.

See the below video by the Department of Energy on the success of Solarize projects around the country.

Please have a look at the updates page for the latest news on the project, and be sure to email the link to the site to anyone you think may be interested in participating or even just helping to spread the word.

Thanks for all your help. With just a little bit of effort from a modest number of people, we can make a significant contribution to facilitating the spread of Solar Energy here in the East Bay.

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