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Spencer Veale

I am a resident of Berkeley and graduate of University of Oregon. I was previously working at the San Francisco-based think tank, International Forum on Globalization, as a researcher.

The idea for this project evolved in response to seeing that solar companies were hiring door to door sales teams for customer acquisition. Knowing that most people are understandably hostile to solicitors, I began to explore ideas of ways to get people to go solar which would be more effective than door to door sales. After tinkering with ideas involving the workplace and employee pension funds in discussions with friends and family, I arrived at the idea of a community bulk purchase, which would incentivize participants to help with recruitment by negotiating a tiered pricing structure with a chosen solar company. If the project worked it could serve as a model to other communities. While looking into the viability of the idea I discovered that not only had the idea already been tried, it had already succeeded and was already serving as a model to a growing number of communities around the country. Even better, project organizers from previous Solarize projects wanted to see the model succeed at facilitating the spread of the transition to solar energy, so they were easy to enlist as resources for and advisers to the project.

Now, the pieces are in place and the project is ready to take off. Please join me at adding the East Bay to the list of places which have made the Solarize model a success at helping to facilitate the spread of this important transition to local, renewable, clean and affordable energy.

Thank you for your support. I know that with a small amount of effort from interested community members, we can make this project a success.

Feel free to contact me at or 510.703.4372


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