Contractor Selection Committee Recruitment Completed!


We are pleased to report that we have finished recruiting our four person Contractor Selection Committee. This means we will be submitting our Request For Proposals to interested contractors shortly. Then, after a few weeks we will select a bid, at which point we will be able to give definite rates so you will have a better understanding of exactly what the project will be able to offer.

Once we have a bid selected we will begin making the push to tap into community networks to get out word of the project. Anyone can make a significant contribution to helping facilitate the spread of solar through this project by helping the project tap into your community networks. This element of the project is essential to getting the word out!


Installing Solar adds to re-sale price of house

According to this new report from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, installing solar increases the re-sale value of your home by roughly the amount paid for the system. This means that if you plan on moving soon, that is no longer a reason not to go solar!


“We find compelling evidence that solar PV systems in California have boosted home sales prices,” says the lead author Ben Hoen, a researcher at Berkeley Lab. “These average sales price premiums appear to be comparable with the average investment that homeowners have made to install PV systems in California, and of course homeowners also benefit from energy bill savings after PV system installation and prior to home sale.”

Solarize East Bay in the Berkeley Daily Planet

“Each time another Solarize project succeeds, it makes the viability of other Solarize projects more plausible, encouraging organizers to invest their time and energy into these projects. Further, it adds to the number of successful organizers who can serve as a resource to others considering initiating projects of their own.”

Please have a look at this piece I wrote for the Berkeley Daily Planet on the Solarize East Bay project.

Solarize East Bay adviser in Renewable Energy World

“Implemented thus far in Portland, Oregon, Santa Barbara, California, Colorado, Washington state, Massachusetts, Summit County, Utah, Plano now joins the nationwide solarize movement by offering participating residents solar energy at well below the Texas average”

From this piece in Renewable Energy World on the success of Solarize Plano, as well as of the growing Solarize Movement. Solarize East Bay adviser Larry Howe is featured.

Sign up to Participate in Selection of a Contractor

We will need four to eight people to participate in the contractor selection committee. This phase of the project will provide the transparency necessary to demonstrate to the wider group of project participants that the project is independent of any solar company and due diligence has been performed in selecting one.

I will do all work that it is not necessary to have performed by committee members. I will provide suggested criteria for contractor evaluation derived from other Solarize projects, as well as my own research. Committee members will be welcome to add to or subtract from the suggested criteria in their determination of which criteria will be used. Then they will weight each selected criterion according to how important it is to their ultimate selection of a contractor. I will then draft a Request for Proposals, inviting contractors to submit bids for the project. The RFP will have contractors answer questions regarding their qualifications for the project according to the criteria determined by the committee. The committee will then score each bid according to how well it fulfills that criteria. The top three bidders will be interviewed by the committee, and the committee will select a contractor. Participation will require one meeting to select and weight criteria, one meeting to score RFPs, one meeting to interview finalists, and one meeting to make a selection.

If you are not eager to participate, but are willing, in order to help the project succeed, there will be an option on the sign-up sheet to indicate this. If you choose this option, you will only be contacted if necessary for there to be four members on the committee.

If you are interested in participating please sign up here. If you know of anyone else who might be interested in participating, please forward them this page.